BE Local introduces the Art of Experience Curation to inspire the lives of people through sharing experiences uniquely matched for them and simplifying their travel planning process.


EXPERIENCE CURATION DEFINED - Artificial Intelligence and local insight combine to help people curate carefree vacations. Integrating with major reservation and experience providers giving end-users the next generation of travel planning tools.


We are your local friend who curates everything so you can just “BE”.


• We strive to inspire our customers and enrich their lives through experiencing and appreciating life.

• We believe in taking care of others how we would enjoy being taken care of.

• We value our team and strive to create a workplace that inspires excellence and enjoyment of life         both in and out of the workplace.

• We embrace diversity of people and opinions realizing that the sum is far greater than the                     individual parts.

• Collaboration and input from everyone is encouraged.  

• We want our team to enjoy and look forward to work, as well as their time off. (Delete as duplicate)

• We believe in making a positive difference in the communities in which we work and live.

• We believe success will come naturally by thoroughly serving our customers and partners 

• We always believe in being fair.

• We believe in doing the right thing and acting for the greater good.

• We are personally accountable for our word and delivering on our commitments.

• We embrace change and pursue professional and personal growth by being open-minded, creative     and adventurous.

• We value all opinions but once a decision is made we will all get behind it.

• We can do more with less.

• We aspire to always respect others, realizing that while our roles may be different we are all equal.


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Manjula Dissanayake

Advisor CEO Limark Technologies